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"To what degree do images observed in life
determine the belief in what is possible"


Capturing Belief is an apprenticeship style program that teaches youth photography as a tool to self-discovery, a catalyst to foster curiosity, critical thinking and a means to reshape the often one dimensional negatively-skewed narrative of their lives as young people in urban America.

We live in a world shaped by images and believe that individuals have the power to steer conversations, break stereotypes and influence decision making and thinking through their photography. We guide the participants to recognize the power of visual storytelling. We encourage them to use photography as a tool to rediscover their own environment and travel beyond it to see and experience the diversity of the world and its cultures.

We help students shift their focus away from the negative influences imposed upon them and towards what is positive and possible. We nurture their curiosity and help empower them to tell their own stories and portray themselves the way they want to be seen.

Our programming exposes participants to a broad variety of individuals and organizations in the arts, business and sports communities to enable everyone to discover their passion. We also connect and encourage our students to join other youth outreach programs.

We act as an extra layer of support to existing community programs because we believe that our young people need to be intellectually stimulated by being involved in numerous and diverse activities.

By joining forces we can create a much stronger chain of success.



Capturing Belief was created to help kids build a strong foundation for their future.



Capturing Belief was afforded the opportunity to travel to Nairobi Kenya.