In 2018 Capturing Belief partnered with S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center to contribute to their vision to be the premiere training center for young people to improve their community and nurture their individual growth.

Khary Mason  is a native Detroiter who has spent half of his life with the Detroit Police Department.

Khary Mason is a native Detroiter who has spent half of his life with the Detroit Police Department.

Khary Mason is a native Detroiter who has spent half of his life with the Detroit Police Department. He is currently working as a homicide detective. Initially photography and writing were nothing more than elements of his job that were used to aid memory.  In the past decade, recognizing the power that comes along with words and images he took a more proactive approach by expanding his knowledge in both fields. In 2015 Khary attended the College for Creative Studies to further his interest in photography and started to write and perform spoken word. He is currently co-leading an annual photography project at Princeton University in conjunction with the NJHIA, and has been an occasional contributor to the news site Deadline Detroit.

Khary Mason’s background in law enforcement coupled with his early childhood experiences have given him a unique perspective on what it means to prepare children to find greater successes in life.

Khary, also has a passion for the Culinary Arts.


Romain Blanquart  has been a visual journalist for the last 18 years.

Romain Blanquart has been a visual journalist for the last 18 years.

Romain Blanquart was born in France and has called Detroit home since 2002.

He studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and for the last 16 years he has been a staff photographer at the Detroit Free Press newspaper, receiving numerous accolades for his photography and video work.

After producing a documentary film about the toll of homicides on Detroiters, a city whose residents lived through over 3,300 homicides between 2003-2012 and seeing how many lives one murder shatters, he started looking at how he could help in preventing children from doing things that would take away their chance to find hope and to grow up into healthy, productive and fulfilled adults. 

Khary and Romain created Capturing Belief out of their common desire to contribute directly to helping our youth build a strong foundation for their future.

Capturing Belief is funded by a generous grant from the David P. Gilkey Foundation, individual donors and support from ProCam and Photo Mechanic by Camera Bits.  Special thank you to Alyda and Richard Gilkey for their support and belief that photography can be used as a strong educational element in nurturing youth. Thank you Claudine Kent for seeing the potential as the program was in it's early stages.

A few words from David Gilkey’s mother:

“David was not a big talker, but he discovered that the camera provided a way for him to express himself through his photographs.  He had ADHD and was often bored and in trouble as a youth. Capturing Belief is the kind of program that gives others like David the opportunity to learn how to express themselves through the camera’s eye.  I’m sure he would have wanted to encourage its mission.

David was very fond of Detroit and would like to give back to the community where his career evolved.  I think he also would have liked the idea that a photographer and a detective were giving so much of their time and resources to this idea.”

Thank you to our familly at S.A.Y. Detroit Play Center: Lindsey Gehlhausen, Dana Davidson, Jo-Ann Barnas, Herb Hayden , Mark Mendelsohn and Mitch Albom.

Thank you to our supporters and volunteers in Detroit: Cassandra Spratling Odetoyinbo, Jerome Burns, Jessica Trevino, Sadra Mason, Diane Weiss, Regina Boone, Kathy Kieliszewski, Claretha “Peace” Bell, Susan Tusa, Salwan Georges, Ryan Garza, Elaine Cromie, Richard Houser, Howard Sweeney, Darren Johnson, Dave Mancini, Annette Vanover, Mike Tenbusch, Jenell Mansfield, Naomi Muchiri, Gerry Cahill, Tyree Gyton, Jim Schaefer, Jason Karas, The Detroit Free Press, The Detroit Lions, Focus Hope, Heidelberg Project and Supino Pizzeria.

Thank you to our supporters and volunteers in Nairobi: Peris Wachuka, Esther Gacicio, Brian Toze, John Kimotho, Enid Nyabundi, Peter Mbugua, Nemo, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Friends of Karura Forest, Community Forest Association.

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